LaSeRR Challenge

Lock on, Synchronize, Radiate & Receive

The 18-Day LaSeRR Challenge is an opportunity to take an important first step toward better health and wellness. This is not just a personal journey to form a new healthy habit, this is also a global movement to help spread awareness about coping, healing and prevention strategies for mental health challenges. The LaSeRR Challenge brings awareness to our interconnectedness through the synchronization of hearts around the globe.



Backed by science and shared through the wisdom of his experience, Dr. Mitch Abrams leads you through the first 18 days of your new healthy habit that can improve your performance, resilience and immune function. Through sharing the success of your own practice, you will be joining the Global Heart Sync movement, helping to inspire others to follow suit!

We recommend you participate in the 18- Day Challenge after participating in a NexGenHealth program or lecture. This will help create the most meaningful experience for you. If however, you are eager to join the challenge before engaging in a full program, you are welcome to do so.


Detailed instructions on exactly how to participate will be emailed to you after you register. Registration is FREE! All you have to do is commit to yourself, for a minimum of 5 minutes of heart coherence practice daily. We provide the Training!

The data is strong

The benefits are in reach

All you need to do now is make a decision to get started

The Quote HUB

Our results suggest that meditation can produce experience-based structural alterations in the brain. We also found evidence that meditation may slow down the aging-related atrophy of certain areas of the brain

– Dr. Sara Lazar

Only from the heart, can you touch the sky.

– Rumi

The Heart has its own language. The Heart knows one hundred thousands ways to speak

– Rumi

The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system

– Rumi
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