Tune In

As much education as it is entertainment, Dr. Abrams has taken an innovative approach to mental health and social divide. Using the power of the arts as educational and therapeutic tools, Tune In empowers people with perspectives and skills improving mental health while co-creating a narrative for a future brighter than our past that allows all our voices be heard.



As a physician and singer/song writer, Abrams creates an inspiring narrative for global health, oneness and unity; healing communities with the therapeutic properties of music.

Nurturing the mind, body and spirit, music supports every level of one’s well being while bringing people together to celebrate a roadmap for healthy, connected communities.  



Dr. Abrams has designed an artistic expression to explain energy – the Medicinal Mandala. 

By utilizing geometric artistic designs, Dr. Abrams highlights an energetic frequency that not only heals the mind, but also deepens a sense of connection to oneself, to each other and to Mother Earth – the essence of the spiritual sciences.

Flex the brain

As science and spirituality converge, we now understand the mind as a muscle that can be flexed.  As with any muscle in the body, routine exercise will increase one’s mental tone resulting in a new sense of calm and inner peace, and an expanded sense of belonging to something bigger than our self.

Research demonstrates that as little as 20-30 min per day, for 3 months, results in structural changes to the brain, that can be measured on brain imaging scans, and has positive effects on our bio-physiology, improving overall health.

Stitching the social fabric

Our politics, economics and social beliefs, divides people causing disconnect and separateness that is a cancer feeding on our consciousness and is ripping our social fabric apart.

It’s time we stop the insanity, bridge our divide and align with each other.  Using the power of music and art, Abrams tunes us onto an energy frequency that awakens our minds, connecting us to each other, and delivers a roadmap for a brighter future distinct from the past.

Global Awakening

We are entering a new era of understanding energy as it relates to consciousness, as individuals and a collective. We have objective scientific evidence of our collective nature, demonstrating a global awakening.

Dr. Abrams explains emerging scientific evidence in the context of our global oneness and delivers a clear path forward allowing us to grow individually while remaining  connected to the whole.