The Medicinal Arts: A Mindful Manual

The Medicinal Arts: A Mindful Manual, is a beginners guide to the mindful sciences exploring the convergence of science and spirituality.

The Medicinal Arts explains energy as it relates to mental health and consciousness and provides a variety of simple mental exercises to relieve mental stress and anxiety.

This Mindful Manual is not only a catalyst for healthy connected communities, but through profit from its sales, helps raise money for Canadian delegations to attend Model United Nation Conferences, supporting a local meets global initiative.

Benefits of The Medicinal Mandala

The Medicinal Mandala highlights a specific energy frequency explaining the convergence of science and spirituality, helping us reconcile our individuality with our inherent connectedness. 

By concentrating on these designs, either by colouring or purely by gazing at its beautiful design, your brainwaves shifts to a therapeutic frequency.  This meditative aid not only assists people in connecting to an abundant energy now known to heal the mind, body and spirit, but is a tangible roadmap for social inclusivity.


As you work through The Mindful Manual, we encourage you to share your completed exercises on social media with the hashtag #MEawaken, to spread your awareness and learnings and declare your love and intention for global oneness. By sharing, we each can help spark a grass root movement that educates though your art while co-creating an inspiring narrative for which all our voices can be heard. Through this renaissance approach, we will witness a paradigm shift unfold.

Join the movement

The Medicinal Arts: A Mindful Manual is a catalyst for connecting communities and sparking a movement in celebration of a proactive approach to health and wellbeing and a roadmap for global harmony.
Join this local meets global initiative; profit sharing from book sales is used to help Canadian delegates attend Model United Nation Conferences, spreading their learnings to help resolve the most pressing international conflicts.

Pay It Forward!

Help educate and battle mental health by sponsoring schools, hospitals and community organizations, by paying forward and gifting The Medicinal Arts: A Mindful Manual. Your gift amplifies the message of interconnectedness, providing the tools supporting healthy minds and connected communities all while assisting Canadian youth to attend the Model United Nation Conferences through book sales. Be a catalyst for mental wellness and help spark a global movement!!