Profit Share

As a social enterprise, NexGenHealth incorporates creative fundraising strategies as part of its healthcare solutions creating healthy minds and connected communities.  A minimum of 18% of net profit, from all products and programs, is allocated to support Canadian youth attending Model United Nations Conferences addressing the most pressing global issues.

Sustainable Fundraising Model:
Instrument of Peace campaign

At the conclusion of each Tune In program, audiences will create an Instrument of Peace by decorating the performance guitar with their coloured Medicinal Mandala stickers.

Each guitar is unique and one of a kind, co-created by communities with their love and intention for global peace and harmony.  Guitars are dated and signed, archived on our website as part of NexGenHealth’s Instrument of Peace Guitar collection and auctioned to the highest bidder.  


Instrument of Peace Profit Share

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Supporting Canadian youth attending Model United Nations Conferences
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Allocated to the Host, supporting mental health and social programs
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For NexGenHealth’s ongoing operations to further community engagement


Through music, art and technology, Abrams bridges corporate social responsibility with a local meets global initiative, helping corporations achieve the U.N.’s 2030 Sustainability Development Goals. 

NexGenHealth educates, heals and melds social divide, designing innovative solutions that brings together like minded corporations, businesses, NGO’s with communities, artists and musicians, creating  proactive community health models and sustainable, value based, social ecosystems.