Our Mission

+ Are you living your best life?
+ Are you happy?
+ Are you healthy?
+ Disease and illness free in your body… in your mind?
+ Do you feel deep contentment, a sense of belonging and connection to friends, family your community?
+ Do you feel a sense of peace in your soul?

NexGen Health, founded by Dr. Mitch Abrams, is a resource for anyone who has an interest in better health and wellness for themselves or the people they care for. From primary to high school and university students, to medical professionals and wellness practitioners, to elders, eldercare workers and educators, you will find the information and practical tools to set you and others on the path to optimal health.

Our programs leverage the power of the medical humanities, like the arts, as well as social media platforms, to educate, heal and inspire communities to grow together and deepen their conscious awareness and sense of connectedness to create better mental and physical wellness and thriving communities.

Or, like many, are you living with stress that barely feels manageable, burning the candle at both ends, feeling lost or disconnected from both yourself AND others? You make yourself sick working too many hours, just to manage an overwhelming debt load, and seek ‘happiness’ in retail therapy, relying on buying more and more ‘stuff’ to fill the empty spaces inside ourselves…

The future is upon us, and instead of delivering the Utopian dream we were promised; less work, more leisure time to share and connect with friends and loved ones, a healthier planet and an end to illness and disease, our reality is quite the opposite.

No longer is “a chicken in every pot!” a relevant slogan for the rise of the middle class. More accurate today would be “an antidepressant in every child!”. Are you satisfied with the status quo? Is this the future you dreamed of? Where is the future in all of this?

I hope that you, like us at NexGen Health, dream of a better way of life, a better present, and a future with…a future. All of the challenges of modern life may seem unsurmountable. It may feel overwhelming. Economic pressure, career and work pressure, academic pressure, social pressure, health and fitness pressure, mental health pressure…Pressure, pressure, pressure! NexGen Health fuses the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest research and real time biofeedback technology of the West to maximize the efficacy and impact of our therapeutic and experiential learning programs creating healthy minds, healthy organizations and thriving communities.

And while extreme pressure may turn a lump of coal into a diamond, it often has a less desired effect on live humans.

At NexGen Health, we say ENOUGH!

Enough pressure. It is making us profoundly ill. It is making us profoundly sad…and anxious, and obese, and in the worst cases, suicidal. What’s the point of playing along with a system that is intent on making us sick? Why support a system that drives wedges between all of us, killing real community and belonging, and replacing it with competition, mistrust, alienation and hate?

There is no point.

But there is something you can do to change this system. You can interrupt the status quo in a peaceful, healthful and loving way and bring better health and happiness to yourself and each other along the way. We believe that the answer to the ills of modern life, politically, socially, economically, and spiritually, can all be found within each of us. If we tap into our potential as individuals, as humans who share this planet, we can make a difference and bring about real positive change. And we will enjoy our best health, mentally and physically as a result.


We have an outdated model of care. In western medicine, health and wellness is focused almost exclusively on the body parts and not enough emphasis on the whole person. We wait for problems to arise instead of seeking to prevent them from arising in the first place. In an age where we have more, have access to more, how can it be that so many of us feel like we have so much less of what matters? How is it that we are profoundly unhappy, unhealthy and disconnected to both ourselves and to others? Why are we experiencing a mental health crisis in not only our teenage population, but across all ages as well?


A preventative and holistic approach to medicine. In the East, it is more commonly understood that the body, mind, spirit and emotions work together to create wellness. Your thoughts and emotions affect your bio-physiology, your biochemistry and your neural network (brain structure), as well as those around you. Everything is interconnected, and we can learn health strategies that bring our body, mind and spirit back into balance and alignment with its inherent wisdom. We already have the potential inside of us. Our programs help to you re-establish that connection, allowing your health to once again flourish.


Everything is energy. As physicians and scientists, we have tools and technology to measure energy. We use them every day in the field of radiology to diagnose and treat. By helping people, from doctors to patients, understand energy from both the Eastern and Western perspective, we can cultivate a more holistic, proactive and preventative approach to healthcare that can help heal people and improve the world which we all share.

NexGen Health is committed to leading and supporting the healthcare revolution by educating and empowering the public, encouraging them to take charge of their own health and live the life they deserve, in a world that deserves them.

Our programs leverage the power of the medical humanities, like the arts, as well as social media platforms, to maximize the efficacy and impact of our therapeutic and experiential learning programs, which are designed to educate, heal and inspire communities to grow together. 

While healthcare may be the common language at the start, we believe that the social impact of empowered and connected individuals and communities will be felt everywhere, giving rise to a global movement of peace and equality, and culminating in a new way forward for humankind.

Our thoughts have the power to help us heal through connection with ourselves, each other and the planet which gives us life.

The proof is in the science, the power is inside all of us.
Join our mission and help us expand our definition of health and well-being. This is a change we have to make for ourselves and for the future of all living things on this planet because –

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


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