What is NexGenHealth?

NexGenHealth is a social enterprise, sharing profit from products, programs and solutions designed to create healthy minds and socially inclusive communities. Profit Sharing is used to create student scholarships to further mental health and socially inclusive program as part of a local meets global health initiative.

Founder & CEO

Mitchell Abrams, M.D., FRCP

Physician, Musician, Educator

Abrams is a Canadian radiologist and musician who has endured a unique journey through western healthcare, as a physician, division chief and open-heart surgical patient. Through his experiences, he has been afforded an intimate look into our current healthcare model and a unique perspective on life. Combining his passion for music and medicine, he has founded a social enterprise, NexGenHealth Ltd., delivering innovative health initiatives that advance mental health by incorporating the arts, science and technology.

Abrams completed his Medical Degree and Radiology Specialty from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, holds a subspecialty in Magnetic Resonance Imaging from the University of Toronto, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and is an Associate Professor at Michael G Degroote School of Medical Sciences.

From Practitioner...

Dr. Abrams started his independent diagnostic imaging practice at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in 2009 and held multiple posts within hospital administration. 

Abrams was Department Chair of Diagnostic Imaging, educational lead for medical electives and worked closely with the  Cambridge Memorial Foundation.

To Patient...

Early in his career, Dr. Abrams was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease which required open heart surgery. During this time, he became acutely aware of the limitations of our current model of care.
Disillusioned with western medicine, Dr. Abrams began travelling to India to study the Eastern holistic approach to healing which encompasses the Mind, Body and Spirit. In particular, Dr. Abrams focused on the intersection of science and spirituality and the science of the mind, as it relates to consciousness and overall health.


Radiology is a unique specialty in the broader field of medicine, exploring the human body using energy rather than a scalpel.  By exploring energy from both a western scientific and an eastern spiritual context, we can begin to understand the convergence of science and spirituality and how best to apply these understandings to create healthier minds and communities. 

By combining new perspectives on energy with emerging brain health research, Abrams has begun delivering educational programs exploring energy as it relates to mental health, consciousness and our interconnectedness.  Through new perspectives on energy, Abrams delivers a framework for understanding the mind as a muscle and provides specific mental exercises to increase one’s mental ‘tone’, thereby reducing stress and anxiety while increasing compassion and empathy, key tenets for socially inclusive communities.

As healthcare shifts to preventive, holistic care and as medical humanities (art, music and drama) are more deeply entrenched into STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Abrams  has launched innovative social programs designed to cultivate healthy minds and socially inclusive  ecosystems.  Programs leverages research across various disciplines of science, with a strong focus on the emerging research in neuroscience.

Tune In

As much education as it is entertainment, Dr. Abrams has taken an innovative approach to mental health and social divide. 

Using the power of the arts as educational and therapeutic tools, the Tune In program delivers an engaging experience empowering people with perspectives and skills supporting their mental health and well being while deepening their sense of connection to themselves and each other.
The Tune In program provides a proactive approach to mental health and is a catalyst for creating socially inclusive communities, both locally and globally.